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Habitat Management

Aitch Conservation have over 10 years experience in habitat management. We specialise in working in environmentally sensitive sites with 90% of our work on SSSI designated land. We offer upland peat restoration, woodland, river, pond and meadow management.


Whether it's regular maintenance of footpaths that you need or the design and installation of a new one we can help.

We can find solutions to even the most challenging problem with experience in urban and remote areas.

Low impact forestry

Specialising in delicate, fragile and hard to reach locations we can provide woodland management in any location. We have equipment to extract timber from hard to reach areas and produce firewood to allow you to regain the cost of sustainable woodland management.

Arboricultural services

We offer tree surgery services to commercial and domestic clients offering emergency call out work, regular contracts and one off jobs. Works  include pruning, dismantles and everything in between. We've a skilled team who can take on even the most delicate job.

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