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Natural Flood Management

We've recently being doing more natural flood management at Hardcastle Crags in Hebden Bridge with National Trust and Slow the Flow Calderdale.

The work involves blocking stream and gullies leading into Hebden Water with leaky dams. The blocked gullies will quite literally slow the flow of water into the valley and as part of a joined up plan across the whole area help alleviate the flooding that has hit the Calder Valley over recent years.

Trees had been felled before the nesting season in preparation for the works and the day involved blocking the small streams with the main trunk and branches and stuffing the gullies with the smaller branches.

An army of volunteers were in hand to help and we were drafted in to help cut the larger stuff with chainsaws and winch bigger chunks into position.

It was excellent to see such a good turnout of people who really got stuck in and there are plenty more dates coming up in which you can help as well. Next Sunday the 9th July they're drafting in a heavy horse to help move the trees about.

For more information have a look at the following websites.

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