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  • Rachel Henry

New machinery in operation

Our new machinery is in operation restoring the UK's peatlands. We've invested £125000 in new equipment that will help us to deliver more work restoring degraded blanket bog across the UK.

As well as supporting a wide range of flora and fauna, the UKs peatlands store 3.2 billion tonnes of carbon and is the source of 70% of our drinking water so they are a hugely important habitat. Many of peatlands in the uk are in a degraded state and release carbon contributing to global warming. A healthy functioning blanket bog however will not only lock in the carbon already there, but sequester new carbon otherwise released into the atmosphere. Known peatlands cover 3% of the worlds surface but store at least twice as much carbon as all the standing forest.

The work we do helps to revegate bare eroded peat that is releasing carbon and helps the moors act like a sponge slowly releasing water reducing flood risk and providing water for the reservoirs.

The new kit includes an lightweight alpine tractor, flail collector and low ground pressure excavator. We've been helped to fund the equipment by South Pennines LEADER who have contributed nearly £44000 towards the costs of buying the new equipment.

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