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Peak Naze Gully Blocking

Aitch have been successfully awarded a new contract with Moors for the Future carrying out gully blocking works on Peak Naze Moor.

First pack of the 800 timber dams ready for airlifting

The works will include the installation of 1200 stone dams and 800 timber dams. The dams will help prevent erosion and encourage key moorland species to flourish safeguarding the future of the moors.

Timber ready for airlifting  with the 900 ton of stone ready for flying.

The 900 tons of stone and 4800 wooden planks and stakes will be flown into position using helicopters before the ground crew set to work with the installation.

Preparation work has already begun marking out the dam locations and weighing and banding the timber into packs to be flown out to site.

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