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  • Robert Henry

Molinia cutting for the RSPB

We've had a busy season of flailing this year. We finished it with a job for the RSPB cutting molinia.

The work was to introduce a wider variety of species and to cut large firebreaks in an area dominated by purple moor grass. This work will also greatly improve the grazing for the farmer.

Using the BCS Volcan Dualsteer we were able to work in some very bad weather on very wet ground without causing damage. The dualsteer gives complete traction and control all of the time. Combined with dual wheels it can work almost anywhere without causing damage.

We cut large linear fire breaks to prevent the spread of the fire across the moors as well as patches spread throughout to improve the diversity of the vegetation.

The 91hp tractor and flail was able to really cut through the tussocks right to the bottom and mulch the material small.

We're available for tractor work throughout the year.

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